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So given that it is 420, I want to give you a little glimpse of how I like to spend my time getting medicated. A little balance of THC with some CBD to mellow me out, while I appreciate some cultural lifestyles and enjoy some music and entertainment. Welcome to my world, so just sit back and RELAX...

Cast in order of appearance:








Directed by- @fadesbydaze

Assistant Director- @jessweos

Cinematography- @cutinofilms

Edited by- @lbp_productions

Photography- @fleitasphotos

Behind the Scenes- @jne_ent

Huge thank you to @highmerica , @cannabislife , & @bluntedobjects for providing us with some dope Cannabis related accessories.

Also much love to Green Roads ( @greenroadshq ) for having the best quality pharmacist formulated CBD products.

Thank you everyone who helped me put this together...

Thank you for watching.


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